Source code for jishaku.paginators

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-


Paginator-related tools and interfaces for Jishaku.

:copyright: (c) 2021 Devon (Gorialis) R
:license: MIT, see LICENSE for more details.


from __future__ import annotations

import asyncio
import typing

import discord
from discord import ui
from discord.ext import commands

from jishaku.flags import Flags
from jishaku.hljs import get_language, guess_file_traits
from jishaku.types import BotT, ContextA

__all__ = ('EmojiSettings', 'PaginatorInterface', 'PaginatorEmbedInterface',
           'WrappedPaginator', 'FilePaginator', 'use_file_check')

[docs] class WrappedPaginator(commands.Paginator): """ A paginator that allows automatic wrapping of lines should they not fit. This is useful when paginating unpredictable output, as it allows for line splitting on big chunks of data. Delimiters are prioritized in the order of their tuple. Parameters ----------- wrap_on: tuple A tuple of wrapping delimiters. include_wrapped: bool Whether to include the delimiter at the end of a wrapped line. force_wrap: bool If this is True, lines will be split at their maximum points should trimming not be possible with any provided delimiter. """ def __init__( self, *args: typing.Any, wrap_on: typing.Tuple[str, ...] = ('\n', ' '), include_wrapped: bool = True, force_wrap: bool = False, **kwargs: typing.Any ): super().__init__(*args, **kwargs) self.wrap_on = wrap_on self.include_wrapped = include_wrapped self.force_wrap = force_wrap
[docs] def add_line(self, line: str = '', *, empty: bool = False): true_max_size = self.max_size - self._prefix_len - self._suffix_len - 2 * self._linesep_len start = 0 needle = 0 last_delimiter = -1 last_space = -1 while needle < len(line): if needle - start >= true_max_size: if last_delimiter != -1: if self.include_wrapped and line[last_delimiter] != '\n': super().add_line(line[start:last_delimiter + 1]) needle = last_delimiter + 1 start = last_delimiter + 1 else: super().add_line(line[start:last_delimiter]) needle = last_delimiter + 1 start = last_delimiter + 1 elif last_space != -1: super().add_line(line[start:last_space]) needle = last_space + 1 start = last_space else: super().add_line(line[start:needle]) start = needle last_delimiter = -1 last_space = -1 if line[needle] in self.wrap_on: last_delimiter = needle elif line[needle] == ' ': last_space = needle needle += 1 last_line = line[start:needle] if last_line: super().add_line(last_line) if empty: self._current_page.append('') self._count += self._linesep_len
[docs] class FilePaginator(commands.Paginator): """ A paginator of syntax-highlighted codeblocks, read from a file-like. Parameters ----------- fp A file-like (implements ````) to read the data for this paginator from. line_span: Optional[Tuple[int, int]] A linespan to read from the file. If None, reads the whole file. language_hints: Tuple[str, ...] A tuple of strings that may hint to the language of this file. This could include filenames, MIME types, or shebangs. A shebang present in the actual file will always be prioritized over this. """ def __init__( self, fp: typing.BinaryIO, line_span: typing.Optional[typing.Tuple[int, int]] = None, language_hints: typing.Tuple[str, ...] = (), **kwargs: typing.Any ): language = '' for hint in language_hints: language = get_language(hint) if language: break if not language: try: language = get_language( except AttributeError: pass content, _, file_language = guess_file_traits( language = file_language or language lines = content.split('\n') super().__init__(prefix=f'```{language}', suffix='```', **kwargs) if line_span: if line_span[1] < line_span[0]: line_span = (line_span[1], line_span[0]) if line_span[0] < 1 or line_span[1] > len(lines): raise ValueError("Linespan goes out of bounds.") lines = lines[line_span[0] - 1:line_span[1]] for line in lines: self.add_line(line)
class WrappedFilePaginator(FilePaginator, WrappedPaginator): """ Combination of FilePaginator and WrappedPaginator. In other words, a FilePaginator that supports line wrapping. """ def use_file_check( ctx: ContextA, size: int ) -> bool: """ A check to determine if uploading a file and relying on Discord's file preview is acceptable over a PaginatorInterface. """ return all([ size < 50_000, # Check the text is below the Discord cutoff point; not Flags.FORCE_PAGINATOR, # Check the user hasn't explicitly disabled this; ( # Ensure the user isn't on mobile not if ctx.guild and and isinstance(, discord.Member) else True ) ]) _Emoji = typing.Union[str, discord.PartialEmoji, discord.Emoji] class EmojiSettings(typing.NamedTuple): """ Emoji settings, this sets what emoji are used for PaginatorInterface """ start: _Emoji back: _Emoji forward: _Emoji end: _Emoji close: _Emoji EMOJI_DEFAULT = EmojiSettings( start="\N{BLACK LEFT-POINTING DOUBLE TRIANGLE WITH VERTICAL BAR}", back="\N{BLACK LEFT-POINTING TRIANGLE}", forward="\N{BLACK RIGHT-POINTING TRIANGLE}", end="\N{BLACK RIGHT-POINTING DOUBLE TRIANGLE WITH VERTICAL BAR}", close="\N{BLACK SQUARE FOR STOP}", ) T = typing.TypeVar('T', bound=ui.View) MaybeButton = typing.Union[discord.Interaction, ui.Button[T]] def button_either_arg( a: MaybeButton[T], b: MaybeButton[T] ) -> typing.Tuple[discord.Interaction, ui.Button[T]]: """ Compatibility function to allow interaction and button to come in either order """ if isinstance(a, discord.Interaction): return (a, b) # type: ignore return (b, a) # type: ignore
[docs] class PaginatorInterface(ui.View): # pylint: disable=too-many-instance-attributes """ A message and reaction based interface for paginators. This allows users to interactively navigate the pages of a Paginator, and supports live output. An example of how to use this with a standard Paginator: .. code:: python3 from discord.ext import commands from jishaku.paginators import PaginatorInterface # In a command somewhere... # Paginators need to have a reduced max_size to accommodate the extra text added by the interface. paginator = commands.Paginator(max_size=1900) # Populate the paginator with some information for line in range(100): paginator.add_line(f"Line {line + 1}") # Create and send the interface. # The 'owner' field determines who can interact with this interface. If it's None, anyone can use it. interface = PaginatorInterface(, paginator, await interface.send_to(ctx) # send_to creates a task and returns control flow. # It will raise if the interface can't be created, e.g., if there's no reaction permission in the channel. # Once the interface has been sent, line additions have to be done asynchronously, so the interface can be updated. await interface.add_line("My, the Earth sure is full of things!") # You can also check if it's closed using the 'closed' property. if not interface.closed: await interface.add_line("I'm still here!") """ def __init__(self, bot: BotT, paginator: commands.Paginator, **kwargs: typing.Any): if not isinstance(paginator, commands.Paginator): # type: ignore raise TypeError('paginator must be a commands.Paginator instance') self._display_page = 0 = bot self.message = None self.paginator = paginator self.owner = kwargs.pop('owner', None) self.emojis = kwargs.pop('emoji', EMOJI_DEFAULT) self.timeout_length = kwargs.pop('timeout', 7200) self.delete_message = kwargs.pop('delete_message', False) self.sent_page_reactions = False self.task: typing.Optional[asyncio.Task[None]] = None self.send_lock: asyncio.Event = asyncio.Event() self.close_exception: typing.Optional[BaseException] = None if self.page_size > self.max_page_size: raise ValueError( f'Paginator passed has too large of a page size for this interface. ' f'({self.page_size} > {self.max_page_size})' ) super().__init__(timeout=self.timeout_length) @property def pages(self): """ Returns the paginator's pages without prematurely closing the active page. """ # protected access has to be permitted here to not close the paginator's pages # pylint: disable=protected-access paginator_pages = list(self.paginator._pages) # type: ignore if len(self.paginator._current_page) > 1: # type: ignore paginator_pages.append( '\n'.join(self.paginator._current_page) # type: ignore + '\n' + (self.paginator.suffix or '') ) # pylint: enable=protected-access return paginator_pages @property def page_count(self): """ Returns the page count of the internal paginator. """ return len(self.pages) @property def display_page(self): """ Returns the current page the paginator interface is on. """ self._display_page = max(0, min(self.page_count - 1, self._display_page)) return self._display_page @display_page.setter def display_page(self, value: int): """ Sets the current page the paginator is on. Automatically pushes values inbounds. """ self._display_page = max(0, min(self.page_count - 1, value)) max_page_size = 2000 @property def page_size(self) -> int: """ A property that returns how large a page is, calculated from the paginator properties. If this exceeds `max_page_size`, an exception is raised upon instantiation. """ page_count = self.page_count return self.paginator.max_size + len(f'\nPage {page_count}/{page_count}') @property def send_kwargs(self) -> typing.Dict[str, typing.Any]: """ A property that returns the kwargs forwarded to send/edit when updating the page. As this must be compatible with both `discord.TextChannel.send` and `discord.Message.edit`, it should be a dict containing 'content', 'embed' or both. """ content = self.pages[self.display_page] return {'content': content, 'view': self}
[docs] def update_view(self): """ Updates view buttons to correspond to current interface state. This is used internally. """ self.button_start.label = f"1 \u200b {self.emojis.start}" self.button_previous.label = str(self.emojis.back) self.button_current.label = str(self.display_page + 1) self.button_next.label = str(self.emojis.forward) self.button_last.label = f"{self.emojis.end} \u200b {self.page_count}" self.button_close.label = f"{self.emojis.close} \u200b Close paginator"
[docs] async def add_line(self, *args: typing.Any, **kwargs: typing.Any): """ A proxy function that allows this PaginatorInterface to remain locked to the last page if it is already on it. """ display_page = self.display_page page_count = self.page_count self.paginator.add_line(*args, **kwargs) new_page_count = self.page_count if display_page + 1 == page_count: # To keep position fixed on the end, update position to new last page and update message. self._display_page = new_page_count # Unconditionally set send lock to try and guarantee page updates on unfocused pages self.send_lock.set()
[docs] async def send_to(self, destination: """ Sends a message to the given destination with this interface. This automatically creates the response task for you. """ self.message = await destination.send( **self.send_kwargs, allowed_mentions=discord.AllowedMentions.none() ) self.send_lock.set() if self.task: self.task.cancel() self.task = return self
@property def closed(self): """ Is this interface closed? """ if not self.task: return False return self.task.done()
[docs] async def send_lock_delayed(self): """ A coroutine that returns 1 second after the send lock has been released This helps reduce release spam that hits rate limits quickly """ gathered = await self.send_lock.wait() self.send_lock.clear() await asyncio.sleep(1) return gathered
[docs] async def wait_loop(self): """ Waits on a loop for updates to the interface. This should not be called manually - it is handled by `send_to`. """ if not self.message: raise RuntimeError("Message not set on PaginatorInterface") if not raise RuntimeError("A PaginatorInterface cannot be started while the bot is offline") try: # pylint: disable=too-many-nested-blocks while not await asyncio.wait_for(self.send_lock_delayed(), timeout=self.timeout_length) self.update_view() try: await self.message.edit(**self.send_kwargs) except discord.NotFound: # something terrible has happened return except (asyncio.CancelledError, asyncio.TimeoutError) as exception: self.close_exception = exception if # Can't do anything about the messages, so just close out to avoid noisy error return # If the message was already deleted, this part is unnecessary if not self.message: return if self.delete_message: await self.message.delete() else: await self.message.edit(view=None)
[docs] async def interaction_check(self, *args: typing.Any): # pylint: disable=arguments-differ """Check that determines whether this interaction should be honored""" *_, interaction = args # type: ignore #149 interaction: discord.Interaction return not self.owner or ==
[docs] @ui.button(label="1 \u200b \N{BLACK LEFT-POINTING DOUBLE TRIANGLE WITH VERTICAL BAR}", style=discord.ButtonStyle.secondary) async def button_start(self, a: MaybeButton['PaginatorInterface'], b: MaybeButton['PaginatorInterface']): # pylint: disable=unused-argument """Button to send interface to first page""" interaction, _ = button_either_arg(a, b) self._display_page = 0 self.update_view() await interaction.response.edit_message(**self.send_kwargs)
[docs] @ui.button(label="\N{BLACK LEFT-POINTING TRIANGLE}", style=discord.ButtonStyle.secondary) async def button_previous(self, a: MaybeButton['PaginatorInterface'], b: MaybeButton['PaginatorInterface']): # pylint: disable=unused-argument """Button to send interface to previous page""" interaction, _ = button_either_arg(a, b) self._display_page -= 1 self.update_view() await interaction.response.edit_message(**self.send_kwargs)
[docs] @ui.button(label="1", style=discord.ButtonStyle.primary) async def button_current(self, a: MaybeButton['PaginatorInterface'], b: MaybeButton['PaginatorInterface']): # pylint: disable=unused-argument """Button to refresh the interface""" interaction, _ = button_either_arg(a, b) self.update_view() await interaction.response.edit_message(**self.send_kwargs)
[docs] @ui.button(label="\N{BLACK RIGHT-POINTING TRIANGLE}", style=discord.ButtonStyle.secondary) async def button_next(self, a: MaybeButton['PaginatorInterface'], b: MaybeButton['PaginatorInterface']): # pylint: disable=unused-argument """Button to send interface to next page""" interaction, _ = button_either_arg(a, b) self._display_page += 1 self.update_view() await interaction.response.edit_message(**self.send_kwargs)
[docs] @ui.button(label="\N{BLACK RIGHT-POINTING DOUBLE TRIANGLE WITH VERTICAL BAR} \u200b 1", style=discord.ButtonStyle.secondary) async def button_last(self, a: MaybeButton['PaginatorInterface'], b: MaybeButton['PaginatorInterface']): # pylint: disable=unused-argument """Button to send interface to last page""" interaction, _ = button_either_arg(a, b) self._display_page = self.page_count - 1 self.update_view() await interaction.response.edit_message(**self.send_kwargs)
if typing.TYPE_CHECKING or hasattr(ui, 'TextInput'):
[docs] class PageChangeModal(ui.Modal, title="Go to page"): """Modal that prompts users for the page number to change to""" page_number: ui.TextInput[ui.Modal] = ui.TextInput(label="Page number", style=discord.TextStyle.short) def __init__(self, interface: 'PaginatorInterface', *args: typing.Any, **kwargs: typing.Any): super().__init__(*args, timeout=interface.timeout_length, **kwargs) self.interface = interface self.page_number.label = f"Page number (1-{interface.page_count})" self.page_number.min_length = 1 self.page_number.max_length = len(str(interface.page_count))
[docs] async def on_submit(self, interaction: discord.Interaction, /): try: if not self.page_number.value: raise ValueError("Page number not filled") self.interface.display_page = int(self.page_number.value) - 1 except ValueError: await interaction.response.send_message( content=f"``{self.page_number.value}`` could not be converted to a page number", ephemeral=True ) else: self.interface.update_view() await interaction.response.edit_message(**self.interface.send_kwargs)
[docs] @ui.button(label="\N{RIGHTWARDS ARROW WITH HOOK} \u200b Go to page", style=discord.ButtonStyle.primary) async def button_goto(self, a: MaybeButton['PaginatorInterface'], b: MaybeButton['PaginatorInterface']): # pylint: disable=unused-argument """Button to jump directly to a page""" interaction, _ = button_either_arg(a, b) await interaction.response.send_modal(self.PageChangeModal(self))
[docs] @ui.button(label="\N{BLACK SQUARE FOR STOP} \u200b Close paginator", style=discord.ButtonStyle.danger) async def button_close(self, a: MaybeButton['PaginatorInterface'], b: MaybeButton['PaginatorInterface']): # pylint: disable=unused-argument """Button to close the interface""" message = self.message self.message = None if self.task: self.task.cancel() self.stop() if message: await message.delete()
[docs] class PaginatorEmbedInterface(PaginatorInterface): """ A subclass of :class:`PaginatorInterface` that encloses content in an Embed. """ def __init__(self, *args: typing.Any, **kwargs: typing.Any): self._embed = kwargs.pop('embed', None) or discord.Embed() super().__init__(*args, **kwargs) @property def send_kwargs(self) -> typing.Dict[str, typing.Any]: self._embed.description = self.pages[self.display_page] return {'embed': self._embed, 'view': self} max_page_size = 2048 @property def page_size(self) -> int: return self.paginator.max_size